Lyf Pay Referral Program General Conditions


This program consists of offering the sponsor who is already a Lyf Pay user and their godchildren purchase vouchers that can be used via the Lyf Pay application at partner merchants under the conditions set out below and by the special conditions. Referrals must be of legal age, and their first purchase with Lyf Pay must be for a minimum amount set in the special conditions. The same godfather can sponsor as many godchildren as he wishes. Referrals can only be sponsored once. Vouchers have a limited validity period and their amount may change during the sponsorship operation. Lyf Pay reserves the right at any time to delete, shorten, extend or modify the sponsorship operation without being held liable for any reason whatsoever. If irregularities are found in the use of the program, Lyf Pay reserves the right to cancel vouchers awarded and not yet used.


To transmit the referral code to the referrals of his choice, the referrer must open the menu located at the top left of the home page of his Lyf Pay application and press "Refer a friend" to find his referral code. He can then communicate his sponsorship code in the manner of his choice. In particular, he can transmit his sponsorship code via Lyf Pay by pressing “Share my code” then choose the communication channel (s). Depending on the channel chosen, additional charges may be levied by its operator. The referrals will receive a message from their referral with the referral code as well as the links allowing them to download the Lyf Pay application and to benefit from a voucher. To benefit from the voucher, the godchildren must enter the code sent by the sponsor in the "Enter a code" menu accessible from the menu located at the top left of the Lyf Pay home page. The sponsor will receive his voucher as soon as the godson has entered his sponsorship code and made a first purchase of a minimum amount set in the special conditions with or without the use of the voucher. The amounts of the godson's and the godson's vouchers will be those in force on the day the godchildren entered the sponsorship code. However, these vouchers will only be allocated if the referral program is still running on the day the code is entered by the referee.

Special conditions

This referral program is valid from 5/17/2023 until 5/17/2023. The voucher won by the sponsor with a value of 0 € will be usable for 0 days from receipt. This voucher will be issued for the godson's first payment for an amount greater than 0 €. The godson's voucher, worth 0 €, will be usable for 0 days from receipt.