Discover new shopping experiences.

The queue, it's from the past.

Autonomous in storeScan your items directly on the shelves, from the application. Follow the progress of your basket in real time. No more waiting at the checkout.You have finished ? Pay in one click from your phone. Then present your receipt to a member of staff, before leaving the store.

Order, it's already ready.

Anything you want to eat… Sushi, salad, burger…: what you want to eat is necessarily in Lyf Pay. … whenever you want! Order and pay easily from the app: pick up your order at the counter on time.

Simplify yourself the bill

Pay without lifting a finger Stop wasting time adding up, pay for your meal without leaving your table. Limit unnecessary contacts Pay without any contact and without an amount limit. Avoid unnecessary comings and goings in the restaurant. Adjust as you want In one, six, equal parts, every man for himself ... Adjust the bill as you see fit, avoiding the waiter's big eyes.

Make payment easy from your parking lot.

Save time at the car park entrance... In partner car parks, your vehicle's license plate is recognized when you pass by. It triggers the automatic opening of the barrier. ... but also at the exit Get out of the car park without showing your credit card. When your license plate is scanned, the parking amount is directly deducted: you have nothing to do!